Structure Care and Maintenance

Our In-a-Box line is a more affordable, DIY, option for homeowners who wish to own a quality Amish crafted structure. Because of this, there are a number of differences between our structure lines, which you can see below:


Your structure should be coated in a water proof stain or paint, clear or colored, within a month of assembly, as well as every 2 years moving forward. You will know it is time to apply paint or stain when water no longer beads up on the surface of the wood due to weathering. This will extend the life of your structure. It is recommended that you do not paint or stain until your structure is installed.

Wood Checking

Checking of wood is a natural process as wood ages. It is the way wood breathes. When the structure is exposed to seasonal weather, it will absorb moisture and swell when it gets wet, and shrink when it freezes and dries. These checks do not affect the structural integrity of the wood. In fact, it usually makes it stronger, because it releases the tension built up internally. The checks will open and close as the outer layers of wood pick up and shed moisture. 


You can clean vinyl products with a mild soap. Do Not use bleach. Bleach will cause discoloration of the vinyl. Mr Clean Magic Sponge works great on spot cleaning. Do not power wash the vinyl exterior. This can cause damage in the form of warping twisting or loosening the vinyl covering and trim pieces.

Wood Deck

It is very important to keep leaves, dirt, and debris from piling up around the wooden decks and on the roof. This allows for more air flow and reduces moisture trapped under the floor. You will want to make sure all sprinklers are out of reach of the gazebo. Constant exposure to water and moisture on/around the Gazebo can shorten the longevity of the floor. Yearly maintenance and care are critical to extending the life and beauty of your structure.